A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Symbolism

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Symbolism is often used to represent an idea and enhance a story’s meaning by showing emphasis and details in a story. “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” is a literary fiction that tells the story of an old man with supernatural appearances, with little hair on his head, few teeth, and huge, dirty and full of animals wings (Marquez 357). He arrives in the courtyard of Pelayo and his wife Elisenda on a rainy night. His presence causes the most unexpected reactions, not only for them but for the whole neighborhood, who lines up outside of Pelayo and his wife’s house to see the creature. Evidently, Gabriel Garcia Marquez uses symbolism in this story, as an element of fiction to portrays the old man as a foreign body; someone who stands out as being different from the rest, and a celestial body that comes to work a miracle in Pelayo’s household by using specific details.
For instance, at the beginning of the story when Pelayo and Elisenda discover the old man lying down in their courtyard, they become surprised with his unknown appearances and huge wings and find him somehow different from all. Leading by their curiosity and intrigue, the couple calls a neighbor lady that as soon as she sees him, proclaims that he is an angel and a supernatural creature (Marquez 357). In consequence, the whole neighborhood finds out about the old man and start
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Marquez refers to the old man as decrepit, smelly, and with no angelic divine powers (Marquez 357), however, he uses symbolism to represent the old man as a strange creature unlike others, and a miracle that comes to help Pelayo’s household; by recovering their newborn child from illness and help them become rich. Likewise, the objective of symbolism in this story is to show Marquez’s own opinions of different and unknown ideas that will benefit people from its
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