A View From Mount Ritter, By Joseph T. O ' Conner

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The Aftertaste of Codes There are times in our lives in which certain events change a part of us, either emotionally, physically or mentally. In our own meaningful way, we have a storm like O’Conner, in which we go through an impactful change. In “A View from Mount Ritter”, Joseph T. O’Conner encounters a harsh stormy day in Mount Ritter, full of lighting, thunder, and heavy rain. Joseph O’Conner was a student who neglected the need to study and ignored a helping hand. To O’Conner, this experience of being in a state of facing danger made him reflect his life after high school. After facing the storm in the Sierra Nevada, O’Conner cleared his mind and came to the realization that he was stubborn for never studying and prioritizing his dream of playing professional soccer. After “the eastern Sierras wiped out the dark clouds that blurred” (O’Conner)O’Conner’s vision, he became a new person by improving his grades and making it to his first honor roll. Not only did O’Conner improve his grades, but wants to graduate and go to community college instead of becoming a professional soccer player. Actions are derived from our instincts, thoughts and emotions in which we perform. They are seen by those that surround us and reveal part of our identity. Words are powerful, but can be confusing and be interpreted differently. It was in the summer of 2013 when I had my own little storm. I took a trip to Europe with my best friend Kimberly, her mother and little brother Sammy, along with

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