A Voice Of Music Of The Classic And Romantic Eras

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Tyler Katz

Professor Fasano

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22 November, 2014 A Voice in Music: The Messages in Music of the Classic and Romantic Eras
Many aspects of the way people lived have changed between the times of the Romantic era and the Classic era. Music and the Enlightenment were very big helps to this major change between eras and in the way the world worked and how society functioned. The Enlightenment and the curiosity of man was the cause of the exploration and discovery of new lands all around the world. These historical landmarks were never forgotten due to the evidence being put into the literature and musical compositions that were written at the time. These stories, songs, and operas contain hidden messages and aspects in the music, such as certain rhythms and dynamics, that specifically refer directly to the eras stated previously. Artists like Mozart and Haydn, and composers of opera like Giuseppe Verdi, all have contributed to putting details of the events of the time period into their works. These genius designers have succeeded in displaying the Romantic and Classic eras in their music. Giuseppe Verdi was one of the greatest and most famous opera composers to live during the Romantic era. His operas, which take place in Italy, perfectly painted a clear description of the events and social life of the time period in which his musical pieces were written. His two most most known operas were La Traviata and Rigoletto. La Traviata follows a woman…
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