A Worldview And Religion Of Any Kind

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A worldview and religion of any kind have to firmly be form to truly understand Who God is. Depending on what you believe or how you see the world around you will give you better understanding of whether God exist or not. Before we can describe God in any way, we have to have faith and understand that he exist, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to describe and understand something that those not exist to you. As, described in the previous chapters that a worldview can shape the way a person behavior. The worldview can change someone understanding of what the world around them is. My worldview and the way I live my life is based on the fact that God exists and he is inside me, because the Bible say that your body is the temple of God and what I do with myself matters in the eyes of God. We as humans were created in the image of God, and there forth, we should be able to understand God. To truly understand the Christian worldwide you will first need to under the trinity, humanity, and the four biblically acts (Cosgrove, (2006).

Many people, including myself ask themselves everyday, who God is. You can never completely describe him is indescribable. God is a loving and forgiving God, he is beautiful and everything about him is. God exist because the Bible says so, we can see his existence through his creation. God is the one who created everything and he control every bite of it. God is a spirit; he cannot be seen by the naked eyes. He’s sovereign, Malakai 3: 6 says that,
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