A Worldwide Resource For Control Of Diseases Essay

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The CDC is a worldwide resource for control of diseases. While the Georgia Composite Medical Board is an agency that licenses anyone in a healthcare job ie, physicians, or physician assistants. They also license pain management clinics. This board job is to investigate complaints and disciplines those who violate the Medical Practice Act or other laws. These laws govern the way the licensee should behave. In other words, if someone breaks a law they will be disciplined which could result in them not being able to practice anymore and having to give their badge. They both deal with healthcare but in different ways. The CDC or the Center for Disease Control was founded on July 1, 1946. The primary mission when the center was established was to investigate in the field and train and control communicable diseases. The CDC started with less than four hundred employees. (CDC Our Story 2015) However, they now have grown to more than 14,000 employees “in nearly 170 occupations” (CDC Fast Facts 2016). That shows just how much change has taken place since the CDC was founded. Their first work was with Malaria control but since then their work has expanded to encompass all infectious disease. However, they were focused on becoming a more efficient agency. To accomplish this goal they focused on five areas: “supporting state and local health departments, improving global health, implementing measures to decrease leading causes of death, strengthening surveillance and epidemiology, and
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