A Writing History Essay

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A Writing History

Every great writer, whether it is a poet, novelist, journalist, or any other type will share a common beginning with every person, this I see. Where they take it from there is up to them, the choice is free. The common beginning is simple, even quite easy. It usually starts in kindergarten learning the ABC's. From there you learn to form and read words-the first step of literacy. In my opinion, writing can be fun, but it did not always seem that way to me. This paper will give a brief background on my steps in the writing experience; this is my writing history.

Kindergarten, the first step. This is where I started to hate writing; it all began with the alphabet. Writing had a bad first impression on me. Every day …show more content…

What I was writing was not as important to me as how I made it look. That's where all my time and focus was spent. I was given a good opportunity to get into writing in the years that followed fifth grade. This opportunity was given to me in the form of journal writing in junior high (grades 6,7, and 8). A few people every day would read their journal out loud and you can tell that some of them really got into. I however, am sorry to say I let the chance pass me by. The journals had a given subjects to write about but they weren't mandatory. I remember this one kid, Peter. Instead of writing about the journal topic he would write a Star Wars story. This other kid, Joey, reminded me of "Pinky and The Brain." He would always write about ways to try and take over the world-again and again. Looking back I wish I had been as creative as those two young men. Instead I blew off the journal writing. To me it was just another busy work assignment.

During that whole time period from, fifth grade through junior high, I had mainly listened to rap. Then rap was music to me and that was that. It had no special purpose in my life. It did start to have a special influence on me when high school came around. In rap my passion for writing was found. For years I had been listening to great rappers such as the Guru from Gangstarr and the GZA (Giza) from Wu-Tang Clan. Then came ninth grade. That is when I started writing off the foundation they had laid. I started writing

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