A3 5 AppliedStatistics

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Activity 3.5 Applied Statistics Introduction Today’s consumers are constantly trying to judge the quality of products. But what is quality? How and by whom is quality determined? Some would say the designer creates specifications, which in turn dictate the quality of a product. That quality is also based on the acceptable value of a part within a whole product. Statistics are commonly used in manufacturing processes to control and maintain quality. This activity will allow you to apply statistics in order to analyze and determine the quality of a set of wooded cubes. In this activity you will collect data and then perform statistical analyses to determine measures of central tendency and variation of the data. You will also represent…show more content…
Locate the end grain pattern on each block. There are two such faces on opposite sides of the block. Label each cube, 1 through 27, with a pencil on a non-end grain face. Measure the side length of each block along the grain. When taking a measurement, position the block so the caliper measuring surfaces are touching the end grain faces. Record the measurements to create a data set. Accuracy =.001 in Wood cube 1: 0.75in. Wood cube 15: 0.766in. Wood cube 2: 0.751in. Wood cube 16: 0.766in. Wood cube 3: 0.756in. Wood cube 17: 0.767in. Wood cube 4: 0.756in. Wood cube 18: 0.768in. Wood cube 5: 0.757in. Wood cube 19: 0.768in. Wood cube 6: 0.759in. Wood cube 20: 0.768in. Wood cube 7: 0.76in. Wood cube 21: 0.77in. Wood cube 8: 0.76in. Wood cube 22: 0.771in. Wood cube 9: 0.764in. Wood cube 23: 0.771in. Wood cube 10: 0.764in. Wood cube 24: 0.772in. Wood cube 11: 0.764in. Wood cube 25: 0.772in. Wood cube 12: 0.765in. Wood cube 26: 0.773in. Wood cube 13: 0.765in. Wood cube 27: 0.775in. Wood cube 14: 0.766in. 4. Calculate the following measures of central tendency for the set of cube measurement data. Show your work or explain your procedure for each. Mean: _ ______0.764in._________ Median: ______0.759in.__________ Mode: ____0.764in., 0.766in., 0.768in. multimodial____________ 5. Calculate each of the following measures of variation. Show your work.

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