Bmw 7 Series

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BMW: The 7-Series Project Case
Team 7: Jonghoon Ahn, Sangdong Kim, Chae Won Lee,
Wonil Shin, Jonghwan Lee

Question 1: How does one define design quality?
Answer: Design quality means the product attributes that enhance the utility of the product for the customers. It is that making products for consumers to use the products better with more conveniences and values.

Question 2: What are the causes and consequences of BMW’s quality problems with newly launched products? What should be done to improve “launch” quality?
Answer: I think there are several reasons in BMW’s new model development way like below; 1. BMW doesn’t use pre-production tools during prototyping. -> BMW has less opportunity to uncover and solve many kinds …show more content…

It would save the time for solving problems with tool design, the part, or the process before the actual production starts and would save the money at last. 2. Let the vendors supply the prototype parts. They are the specialist for the products. They have more experience and skills in their filed. Using them in development process let them fix our problems in advance. After completing the final design approval, let them supply the parts for commercial production, too. It will make the relationships between BMW and vendors more cooperative and friendly. 3. Shorten the period from pilot production to commercial production. Apply pre-production tools in pilot production as early as possible and get rid of and shorten the period of factory pilot production if possible.
Regarding future development projects, same changes should be applied, I think.

Question 4: What changes would you recommend in the way BMW develops new models? What attributes of newly launched products would you expect to improve as a result of these recommendations? Which attributes might deteriorate?
Answer: I recommend like; 1. Design for production. In BMW, designing is the first thing in development. However I think, design people don’t consider efficient production engineering. If they make production engineering into design consideration, the development process will be more efficient and quality problems and period will decrease. However the creativity can be injured. 2.

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