A320 Induction Technical Test Essay

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A320 Induction Technical Test
Total Marks: 50 Test Duration: 2hrs
1) The normal priority for supplying electrical power to the AC busses is:
a) External power, engine generators then APU
b) External power, APU, then engine generators
c) APU, external power then engine generators
d) Engine generators, external power then APU
2) What is the maximum altitude at which the APU may be started using the batteries only? a) 15, 000 ft
b) 30, 000 ft
c) 25, 000 ft
d) 39, 000 ft
3) Can APU be used for Wing Anti Ice?
a) No
b) Yes but only below FL150
c) Yes but only when one pack is OFF
d) Yes can be used without any restrictions.
4) In normal flight in closed circuit configuration, the avionics ventilation system controls the …show more content…

a) Load factor limitation,
b) Pitch attitude protection & Bank angle protection.
c) High angle of attack protection & High speed protection.
d) All of the above.
21)When the flight control law is in direct law which of the following is displayed on
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A320 Induction Technical Test
c) Both a & b
d) None of the above.
22)In Alpha floor condition, which of the following statements are correct.
a) Aircraft speed increases to 300 Kt
b) Auto thrust function becomes active.
c) TOGA thrust is selected irrespective of thrust lever position.
d) Both b & c.
23)For latching the side sticks priority condition, and for releasing the sidestick without losing authority, it is recommended to press the takeover pushbutton for more than
______ seconds.
a) 3 seconds
b) 40 seconds
c) 45 seconds
d) 10 seconds
24)Which of the following computer is involved in Yaw control?
a) SECs
b) SFCCs
c) FACs
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A320 Induction Technical Test
d) None of the above.
25)Being in alternate law , when the Landing gear is extended control laws change to
a) Normal Law
b) Direct law
c) Mechanical back up
d) None of the above
26)What is alternate parameter for setting the power?
a) EPR
b) N1
c) N2
d) Fuel Flow
27)To deploy the door slide, the door is to be opened:
a) In ARM from inside
b) In ARM from

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