ADHD Treatment Analysis

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition for the brain noticeable through a continuous pattern of not being attentive, hyperactivity and impulsivity which inhibits functioning or development. Individuals with the disease find it difficult to concentrate and control their impulsive behaviors. They may appear to be agitated and are always energetic. The disorder is not only limited to children but can affect even grown-ups. Periods of hyperactivity however tends to get better as kids become older whereas inattention and impulsivity normally persists to adulthood (NIH, 2016). There is no cure known for ADHD but it can however be managed through a number of options that are available. The treatment alternatives present may …show more content…

It may include hands-on help like arranging activities, completing work assigned in school or helping out in emotional events which may not be easy to deal with. Patients are taught how to keep track of their own behaviors and rewarding themselves every time they act in a way that is desirable like managing their anger or deliberating on what they have to say. Parents, teachers as well as members of the family may likewise contribute towards giving positive or negative response for some behaviors observed and help out in developing rules which are clear, list of chores and other duties that are structured in order to assist those with ADHD control their undesired behaviors (NIH, 2016). Children can be trained on social skills by their therapists like having to wait until it is their turn, share gaming equipment, request for aid or how to react when teased. They may also have to learn how interpret different facial expressions, tonal variation and how to respond to questions asked. Behavioral therapy of the reasoning helps patients on mindfulness or meditation techniques. Individuals get to know how to be alert and acceptance of their own judgments and state of mind meant to better attention. Finally people with ADHD are encouraged by their therapists to adjust to changes in life as a result of treatment like having thing to prevent acting impulsively or fight the desire to take risks which may not be necessary (NHS,

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