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The White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs) have been at the top of the social hierarchy ever since they arrived to America in the 1600s. The first wave of immigration consisted of the Germans, Irish and Chinese. The WASPs created a way to measure the success of each immigrant group. They acknowledged four factors of success that would show them whether an immigrant group was successful or not. The first factor of success was how much money an immigrant had when they came to America. The more money they came to America with, the more successful they were. Another factor of an immigrant’s success was how large the group they came with was. The larger the group, the less respect and…show more content…
Through their settlement, they proved to the WASPs that they were capable of functioning in society without disturbing the WASPs at all.
The WASPs also respected the Germans because the Germans were Protestant. The Germans also proved that they were extremely hardworking. They created many businesses, some of which still exist today. The Germans also brought over foods such as hot dogs, apple pie, and pretzels. Furthermore, the Germans came in quite small numbers, which the WASPs definitely appreciated. The Germans did not have to assimilate and live on their own, without the WASPs having to take care of them. Finally, the Germans were relatively welcomed when they arrived to America. The only stereotype given to them was a positive one, claiming that they were the model immigrants that every other immigrant group should aspire to be like. All in all, the six million Germans who came to the United States during the first wave were well liked by the WASPs and had a successful and smooth immigration into America.
Arguably the least successful immigrant group that arrived to America was the Irish. When the Irish landed in the United States, the WASPs immediately disliked them. First off, the Irish came over with barely any money, which indicated to the WASPs that they were unsuccessful and unintelligent. The Irish came over to America in tightly packed ships called coffin ships. They were called coffin ships because 1/5 of the Irish died on

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