AMS Breach Artwork

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Colleen exhibits her ability to suggest better ways to do work by testing, demonstrating and training for using the AMS batch artwork work capabilities. She encourages others to try this capability to help them improve efficiencies when approving multiple (single page) art work. Colleen is willing to try new ideas, take calculated risks and learn from failure. An example of this is her work with the system core team to revamp both the AMS and DAM system training. She solicited feedback from others and observed what resonated with the attendees to make these changes. She took risks on how to present the training and continues to make adjustments to make it more engaging and impactful for our system users. Colleen continuously demonstrates her ability to solve problems and suggest solutions. A few examples include working with our implementer to find a work around when MP4 files under 10 seconds would not ingest into DAM. A second example was offering…show more content…
She demonstrated this ability when providing a recommendation for a new Cognos report to ensure the necessary metadata is associated with our assets. She worked with our DAM implementer to learn what was possible and she worked with the DAM business analyst to determine what was required. She provided the rationale to her manager on how this solution would provide the necessary data. This will be report has been moved to our production site and will be available for use by the end of November. Colleen regularly suggests better ways to do work; and offers recommendations for reducing low value work. As an example, she provided a variety of solutions on how to efficiently use DAM to deliver social media images to our IBCs. Based on her recommendations a more seamless process was implemented, making these assets available for our Mary Kay markets to provide to our
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