Aaker's Four Dimensions Of Brand Equity Case Study

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Today, consumers are buying brands rather than buying a product or service. Today’s consumers choose to buy a particular brand which reflects their feelings more and make them to feel belong to the desired lifestyle. In this context, it is necessary for the brands to establish emotional bond and communicate with the consumers constantly. Brands setting off on a quest of various strategies in order to establish that emotional bond between the consumers, keep their existence and develop their brand along with overwhelming conditions of competition.
Nowadays, many customers making their purchasing decision depending on brand rather than looking on product /service eligibility to satisfy their needs. The brands of product and services for customers
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Aaker’s four dimensions of brand equity represent consumer perceptions and emotions to the brand, while intangible brand assets are not suitable for consumer based brand equity.
According to Keller (1993), consumer based brand equity strictly understood from a consumer psychology perspective and he defined it as the distinguishing effect of brand knowledge on response of consumer to the marketing of the given brand. By this theoretical approach, brand has a positive or negative value if the consumer reacts more or less favourably to the product’s marketing mix of which he/she knows the brand name than to the marketing mix of an almost same but unbranded product. Consumer response to the brand’s marketing mix can be translated at various stages of the purchase decision making gradual chain such as preferences, intention of choice and actual choice. Keller (1993) states that, brand knowledge is a key point in consumer based brand equity and is conceptualized as a brand node in memory to which different associations have been linked. Brand knowledge is then divided into two separate constructs: brand awareness and brand
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