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Throughout time, books change themes and focuses. As the world progresses socially and politically, so do the ideas that inspire authors. This is apparent in children’s books. Children’s books are books chosen by parents, to read to their own children. They usually reflect the ideals and views that they wish to pass down to their children. A is for Activist was published in 2013 and was written and illustrated by Innosanto Nagara. Eric Carle’s ABC was published in 1974 and was written and illustrated by Eric Carle. These two books differ in publication by 34 years. Although A is for Activist and Eric Carle’s ABC are both ABC books, they have many similarities and differences. The illustrations of these two children’s books also reflects their difference in age. In Eric Carle’s ABC, traditional art styles are used. Eric Carle uses acrylic paint and cut paper to illustrate his books. His book also has more…show more content…
Eric Carle’s ABC is more of a simple ABC book. Each letter is an animal, which represents a very easy-going, traditional ABC book. The goal of Carle’s book is to simply teach children a way to remember the ABC’s through association with animals. For example, the letter “L” simply stands for lizard. A is for Activist is more of a modern take on an ABC book. The goal of this book is to not only teach the ABC’s, but to teach children about activism and social justice. Each letter represents an aspect of social justice. For example, the letter “L” stands for “L-G-B-T-Q! Love who you choose, ‘cuz Love is true!”. This shows a great difference in age. In 1974, when Eric Carle published Eric Carle’s ABC, it was not important to educate children about social justice. Back then, it was believed that children didn’t need to know about public issues and politics. A is for Activist, being more modern, shows how parents now believe it’s important for their children to be informed of the problems of the
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