Abiotic Factors Of Tropical Rainforest

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Mahayla Griggs

Abiotic Factors
Tropical Rainforest make up a total of 6% of all of earth’s land surface. Not surprisingly though, it produces 40% of all of earth’s oxygen. There are 4 levels to the tropical rainforest; emergent, upper canopy, understory, and forest floor. The rainforest received it’s name because of it’s self-watering system. Plants release water into the atmosphere through transpiration. This moisture usually has no place to go which creates a thick cloud cover over the rainforest causing the humid, hot, atmosphere. In the the rainforests are large rivers that branch off into smaller rivers that help to provide water for the entire forest.

Location/ Landscape
Rainforest are located around the equator. Known for their hot humid climates rainforest easily thrive around the equator without issues.

Ecosystem Services
Tropical rainforest have many ecosystem services that they provide for the earth daily. Because of the large amounts of plants, tropical rainforest are capable of helping to clean the air of pollutants. Plants take in the bad air and produce air that is not filled with harmful pollutants. Tropical rainforests also increase rainfall. The H2O that is released into the air has to go somewhere eventually. It can not just stay in the cloud that surrounds the forest forever. So, it comes back down as precipitation. The tropical rainforest allows humans to benefit financially. Humans are constantly cutting down rainforest to use the lumber to

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