Aboriginal Dreaming

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One of the central characteristics of Aboriginal worldviews is the concept of the dreaming. The dreaming has numerous elements three of these include land, plants and animals and art. These three elements have a significance to spiritual connections and closely relate to dreamtime law. There is a vast difference between the dreaming and my personal world views due to my non-spiritual upbringing. Australia is a huge continent and due to this there is huge diversity of Indigenous Australian philosophy and practices as well as Anglo Australians and their worldviews.
The dreaming is known to Aboriginal people as the beginning of their history, culture and existence (Edwards 2005, p. 12). Edwards (2005, p.14) states that the significance of land to Aboriginal people is due to its relation to sacred site or sites of significance. According to Grieves (2009, p. 367) Aboriginal people have a spiritual connection to the land, sea and all that it encompasses including natural life and landforms. This connection was developed during the time of creation therefore each person or entity is linked through the spirit of creation (Grieves 2009, p. 367). Furthermore, land relates to Aboriginal law and the connection that Aboriginal people have in addition to their responsibility to be custodians of land, sea and the sky (Grieves 2009, p. 367). Reflecting on the world views of Aboriginal people, Anglo-Australian and global Eurocentric interpretations of the land, demonstrates a distinct

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