Aboriginal Geographies In Canada

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Jiaying Shi
GGR202: Geographies of Canada TA: Anna Melikian
Executive Summary A large amount of aboriginal people in Canada currently suffer from a cultural crisis that the indigenous culture fade away in many years, resulting in lack of culture diversity and aboriginal psychological issue in such developed country. Because aboriginal children are pushed into residential school and lived far away from their home and parents, it is a proliferating pace of eliminating aboriginal people’s civilization in future generations and also psychological brutality. The loss of culture and language, the loss of parenting skills, the agony of being separated from family, from community many years would contribute to an alienation, …show more content…

Jennifer Henderson also mentioned that huge numbers of the research on residential schools deals with the intergenerational effects of abuse and neglect in aboriginal communities. Successive generations of students not only left the schools emotionally scarred and ashamed of their identities but also passed their trauma across the generations. These intergenerational effects, sometimes referred to as “residential school syndrome,” are linked to high rates of substance abuse, unemployment, and family breakdown in aboriginal communities (Jennifer Henderson, et al., 2009). Emphasizing psychological harm can, however, medicalize issues that are political, like the struggle for self-determination, or structural, like aboriginal poverty, and overshadow aboriginal resilience in the face of trauma(Chrisjohn and Young 2006; Dion Stout and Kipling 2003; Miller 1996). In this case, we believe that it is advisable to raise funds to relieve and heal aboriginal peoples’ pressure and …show more content…

We reckon that it is worthwhile to advocate family-based education due to the fact that child’s education hinges on their parents. As we all know that, education begins with parents is an asset to possess the self-confidence and especially the self-discipline and work ethics that are at the heart of success in school and success in life. Second, We believe that state-funded early childhood education that focuses on the cultural needs of Aboriginal children and their families will help alleviate their disadvantaged position in society while simultaneously restoring Aboriginal identity and self-worth. Third, we would also like to recommend policies such as increasing financial support for affected municipalities and accelerating international efforts to secure a fair, transparent and coherent government policy to deal with the cultural

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