Social Effects Of Residential Schools

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The social and psychological effects of Residential Schools on Canada’s First Nations Peoples Residential Schools were and still are a significant part of Canada’s history. They have had negative social and psychological effects on survivors and even their families. Grant Severight, Richard Wagamese, and Rita Joe and so many more are incredible authors who share their experiences on Residential Schools from either their or their families’ perspectives. The trauma that the Residential School students faced has left them with long term social complications. Viola Papequash a survivor of Gordons Residential School exclaims “They are now struggling with a lot of issues, and one is identity and self-esteem and being proud of who they are” (Source C). Furthermore, Residential schools took confident young children proud of who they are, and confident in their religion and straight up turned them into what Richard Wagamese (an Intergenerational Survivor) would say as “frightened children” (Source E). Grant Severlight a survivor of St. Philips’s Residential School shares that Residential schools caused him to live in constant fear and living in constant fear ruined his “Relationships later on” (Source B). Survivors did not know how to take care of themselves so that caused them to be incapable of taking care of others. All those quotes stated above help paint the bigger picture of how Residential Schools Affected the Social aspect of the survivors’ life. When those innocent

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