Abortion : A Very Pregnant

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Abortion - a very pregnant topic, indeed. And yes, I just used some tasteful baby humour while delivering the opening statement into a personal essay about (as some would say) baby-killing. Now, I don’t mean to suck up all the fun like some type of vacuum (I will stop now), but abortion is a very grave issue for many women all over the world. I understand the trepidation behind passing legislation on the life of a potential human being, but therein lies the problem: in regards to when an embryo becomes a person and how that would apply to the morality of abortion, a fetus shouldn’t be considered a fully-fledged human being with a name and a purpose until it has popped out of an ungodly, stretched vagina or been brutally sawed out of a uterus via Caesarian. Many would argue the contrary, and they wouldn’t technically be wrong. Who am I to say when a fetus becomes a baby person? Now, here’s where I experience an excruciating level of cognitive dissonance. My personal opinion on the matter of terminating a pregnancy is that by the third trimester, a preemie baby could be born without many complications; this woman has had half a year to weigh her options and to consider the possible outcomes of carrying her pregnancy to term; this embryo-fetus-mound-of-multiplying-cells-thing has gestated long enough to have little tiny fingers and toes and eyes and a nose and a brain. I do NOT think, at this point, that abortion should still be an option, unless there were unforeseen

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