Homosexuality And Abortion In The United States

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Throughout the history of America, from the 1800 to 2017. The Bible/Christianity has always been used to address both sides of an issue on Gender. I choice Abortion and homosexuality because it has been in the news for a while now since 1988. People have been debating on the issue that women should not have an abortion because it is considered a crime, while using the Bible as a reference. While others believe that women have the right to whether or not to have an abortion. Also, using the Bible to give their reasons. Homosexuality is also a big issue in America history because some people think that people who are homosexual have a right to marry their same gender or whosoever they feel like because it is their rights to freedom and Liberty. While others opposed homosexuality as an act of the devil referencing from the Bible that God did not put men and women on earth to be homosexual, but to be heterosexual like Adam and Eve.
This is an issue addressing abortion. Some People have been protesting in favor of Abortion since the 1984 to present day. Those who are in favor of abortion think is up to the pregnant person, whether or not if they want to keep the pregnancies or abort it. Women are killing an innocent fetus in other words, because they claim it is not a baby or are not ready to bear or whatever the case might be. People who are in favor of abortion thinks that it is a woman’s right to choose if she wants to have an abortion, or not. If the government tries to

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