The Pros And Cons Of Abortion And Pro-Life

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Abortion is a very controversial topic nowadays. America debates on rather state abortion laws protect women or violate women’s rights. There are two sides to the topic : pro-choice and pro-life. The pro-life movement argues that even an undeveloped human life is consecrated and that the government should be required to protect it. Individuals who are pro-choice believe that individuals have unlimited freedom to their own reproductive systems, as long as they do not involve themselves in the decisions of others.
Some studies teach that the soul is present when the fetus is finally able to move, instead of at conception. Other studies teach that the soul is present at birth. Even more say that the soul does not exist until well after birth. For example, states that the soul is not in existence until the child is 7 years old. Still, some teach that there is not an immortal soul at.The pro-choice movement argues that in pregnancies prior to the point of viability, the government does not have the right to hinder a woman's decision to terminate the pregnancy. The pro-life and pro-choice movements overlap to an extent in that they share the goal of decreasing the number of abortions, or at least unsafe abortions.
It can make it difficult to fathom concepts such as sanctity. Science has not told the world whether a human life is worth the equivalent, less than, or more than a dog bone because there are so many perceptions of worth based on so many different

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