Abortion And Women's Rights And Human Rights

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According to an article in Time, “The battle for abortion rights has become, in recent years, a losing war of attrition, … [and] lawmakers have steadily chipped away at women’s rights and women’s dignity.” Since the 1800s, the laws surrounding abortions have been debated, arguing whether conception provides the basis for life and therefore human rights, or whether the right to abortion lies solely with the mother. Another argument revolves around whether or not a woman has the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy or if she should carry it to term. Abortion must be a protected legal right because the decision lies with the mother, as described in the Fourteenth Amendment and interpreted in Roe v. Wade, since the embryo does not have protected rights and in order to maintain the fundamental right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” in the case of terminating an unwanted pregnancy.

The history of abortion laws in the United States dates all the way back to 1821 when “Connecticut pass[ed] the first law prohibiting abortions.” Prior to this, abortions had been a “legal practice” and “commonly performed” since the “earliest settlers had arrived.” In the “mid-to-late 1800s,” laws began being passed by states outlawing abortions. The causes “varied from state to state” but one of the major reasons was the “fear that the population would be dominated by children of newly arriving immigrants.” The illegalization of abortion “did not reduce the number of women who

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