Abortion Pro Choice Essay

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Army lieutenant Nicole Cooley thought she had found the perfect man until she discovered the terrible truth. Cooley had been dating a man for months that was also in the army. She thought she was fine with trusting him and believing everything he said, but she was sadly mistaken. The man she had been dating for months, the man she thought she could trust, had been secretly drugging her the entire relationship. Once she would pass out from the drugs, he would rape her. She eventually realized something was wrong and found out she was pregnant. After long nights of decision-making, Cooley decided that an abortion was the best option for her and her life (Reid, 2013).
Abortion is a topic that everyone has an opinion on. People are either …show more content…

When women get an abortion, they are exercising their right to do what they want to their bodies. No women should feel bad about an abortion, especially when the abortion is done because of legitimate reasons.
In the average year, around 750,000 American teenagers become pregnant in a year. Of those, around 350,000 of them get abortions (Family Planning Plus, 2010). Without abortions, those 350,000 teenagers would have no choice and have to have the baby or they would try to abort the baby in their own way. If they were forced to try to take care of the baby on their own they could be put in financial stress. If they tried to abort the baby on their own they could hurt, or even kill themselves. Abortions allow teenagers to escape a reality that they are not ready for. They also prevent teenagers from hurting themselves in an attempt to get rid of the fetus themselves. Because abortions are legal, teenagers can get medical help and knowledge on how to move forward from a teen pregnancy.
Many women are blessed with being able to birth a baby, but for some women that is just not possible. In cases where a pregnancy is not developing correctly, doctors will advise a mother to have an abortion. There are many conditions where a pregnancy can put not only the fetus’s life at risk, but the mother’s as well. In some cases, a pregnancy can cause cardiovascular disease or renal disease in a mother. If a woman

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