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There have been many questions that have surfaced in today’s world that has piqued my interest. People have wondered out loud should hip hop music be banned. Others have questioned should marijuana be legalized? A friend of mine once asked me should there be a curfew for teenagers under the age of 18. Any of those questions can be seen as sufficient and important but one question that truly piques my interest is about abortion. Should women be allowed to have an abortion? Politicians have used this question to enhance their candidacy for office year after year. Even though I am not running for office I do have a strong opinion about this topic. Due to social factors, economical factors, and personal factors I believe …show more content…

Some women are not mentally prepared to take care of a child. Some may even have a pre-existing psychiatric metal disorder or a medical condition where having a child may alter the woman’s life altogether. In my life I have known a couple of people that have had abortions due to economical factors that I agreed with. Looking at their financial situation I could see why they felt it was in the best interest of everyone involved for them to get an abortion. When a person has a child under an umbrella of economic hardship it can create a stressful and sometimes hostile environment with the primary instigators of angry outbursts being the parents. I believe a child should not grow up in a hostile environment if it can be avoided. All effects of a child growing up in a hostile environment reflect on their lack of education and their malnutrition. A parent’s economic status is the cornerstone of the family. A person’s economic status can have a great impact not only on the household income, but also on the education of children (including sanitation), and avoiding early child deaths due to bad habits, sanitation or improper food or water. According to “poor children are twice as likely

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