Abortion Should Not Be Allowed Research Paper

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In the United States every single year, the grand total of all forms of abortion, including those caused by the abortion drug RU 486, comes to more than a million abortions. That equals more than a million innocent lives being taken every year. The idea that abortions should or should not be allowed is argued all around the world. Abortions should not be allowed.
To begin with, having an abortion is mentally and physically harmful to the woman. First, it can cause mental, emotional, and relational harms to her. The woman might have a hard time with relationships because of the trauma. It is a depressing time in anyone’s life losing a family member. Second, the woman can increase the chance of miscarriages. This can be caused from the cervix being forced open and being damaged with small tears in the flesh during the procedure. Lastly, the woman will never be able to erase the baby from her mind. When traumatizing events occur, sometimes people have a very hard time not thinking of the tragedy. Women should not be having
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Also, surgeons have said that they have seen the baby flinch and jerk away during the procedures. They wince and cry from the sharp instruments and pointy tools hurting their delicate, growing bodies. Continuing on, a twenty-week-old, unborn baby feels more pain than an adult. The poor lives have done nothing to deserve this pain. To end with, it is scientifically proven that the fetus gets a tingling feeling in its’ face. This sadly proves that they do in fact feel pain. Pure, innocent lives being hurt and taken away should not be allowed.
Killing innocent children should be banned from the United States. Women are being hurt in many ways which is not necessary. They are also getting away with something that should be against the law. Poor kids that have done nothing wrong, are not only dying but also being caused pain. Without this terrible act in the world, millions of lives would be
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