Abraham Lincoln: A Legacy Gone Too Soon

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Abraham Lincoln: A Legacy Gone too Soon
“That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.” In other words Abraham Lincoln knew many were politically capable of showing achievements, and Abraham stated he may have come from a lower class family but with perseverance you can achieve it as well. Many were suspicious Lincoln will be a positive president, Abraham knew he could bring back prosperity to our nation, when our nation was going into burdensome situations, but with his proper guidance and determination our nation could unite as one again. I believe Lincoln did reunite our nation, with proper guidance. Abraham Lincoln has had an indisputable impact on American History, due to the First Continental Railroad, reuniting our Nations and the abolishment of slavery.
President Lincoln had an impact on American History by reuniting our nation after the Civil War. For instance, when Lincoln was elected as President, the Confederate states seceded from the nation which led the nation into a Civil War. In other words, the nation went into war against each other because the Confederate States rejected Lincoln as a president because he was a Republican. This matters because many …show more content…

Exposing the reason for the gold/silver rushes led to the fast creation of our nation's railroads. This is important to our nation because due to our first continental railroad, our nation was able to expand in new territories. Others may say Lincoln led our nation into national debt due to his creation of Continental Railroads, but many argue it improved our nation economically due to trade becoming more reliable. In conclusion, Abraham had many reasons to create a Railroad network, but his completion of our First Continental Railroad will forever be remembered as part of his presidential

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