Abram Wiebe's Started From The Bottom

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Started From the Bottom My dad, Abram Wiebe, didn't have a lot going for him since he was a little kid. My grandparents had always worked hard, and made all their children do chores. It was never easy for them, but they made it work. They moved around a couple of times, which didn't make a difference to him. After many years of hard work, he finally had a family. Nothing was ever going to stop him. He moved into the United States and worked his way up from the bottom. He has gone through so much in his life, he is where no one ever thought he would be and it was worth every second. Abram didn't have much going for him when he was younger. He lived with a family of ten, and trying to support every single one of them was difficult. During that time, it didn't …show more content…

It was all about helping the family. I'm sure if he had the chance back then, he would have done sports. My dad has always been there for us even when he couldn't physically be there. There are days where I wish he could be there at my games to support me, but he can't make it all the time. I understand why he can't always be there, because I know he is helping our family out at the same time. Today, his communication is still something that he has to work on. The hardest part is when he makes conversion with his co-workers. It is not always easy for them to understand. He is improving daily on his communication skills with help from myself, and the people he is around. He still struggles with his english and putting his thoughts into words, but he is still improving every day. About 17 years has finally paid off for my dad. He started from the bottom and now he has ended up somewhere great. My dad has come along such much since he didn't know exactly how he was going to make it here. I think he really proved a lot of people wrong coming Wiebe 4 from a family that only knew so much to now, where he knows a lot more. I couldn't be happier that he made it where he is

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