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Zenobia Braund Zenobia Braund Zenobia Braund [company name] Zenobia Braund [company name] Unit 1: Developing Effective communication in Health and Social care. Bra15436310 Unit 1: Developing Effective communication in Health and Social care. Bra15436310 CONTENTS! TOPIC | PAGE | -INTRODUCTION TO WHY COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANT | 2-3 | -THE HISTORY OF COMMUNICATION | 3 | -VERBAL/NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION | 3-5 | -FORMAL/INFORMAL COMMUNICATION | 6 | -OTHER FORMS OF COMMUNICATION | 7-8 | -BARRIERS TO COMMUNICATION | 9-10 | -CONCLUSION | 10 | Communication, what is it and why is it important? Communication is one of the most important things we learn throughout life. Communication is the ability to transfer …show more content…

Electronically communicating has helped by having a common platform to talk on whether you are old, young, deaf or completely healthy. It also has helped within the health and social care environment by giving another option if talking is impaired and if the service user cannot write steadily. They can now either type or use eye contact with a specialised computer to help them get across the message they are trying to send. This makes the carers’ job easier as they now do not have to struggle, they always have modern technology to fall back on. The advance of communication has overcome so many barriers that may apply. It is important that communication does change to adapt new forms of disabilities and also it helps achieve better care for service users that may have these barriers. VERBAL COMMUNICATION: To relay information, feeling or thoughts through spoken language. To achieve effective verbal communication in a child care setting you need to speak clearly, get down to a child’s level, use appropriate language, give one instruction at a time and speak at the correct pace. NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION: To relay information thoughts or feelings using many different mediums such as body language, braille, pictures, eye contact or facial expressions. Within the non-verbal communication section it breaks down into many more

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