Absenteeism Is A Serious Problem At Centerville Public Health Clinic

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Absenteeism is a serious problem at Centerville Public Health Clinic (CPHC). Over 25% of CPHC’s certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are absent from the job on Mondays, Fridays, Saturday and Sundays. They are extending their weekends. The CNAs, in question, are predominantly African- American. Staff has accepted days off without pay because they are able to handle personal business on days off. Management has also accepted this behavior. As a result, the persistent absenteeism is costing the clinic $5,000 per month and is adversely affecting employee morale. To combat the issue of absenteeism, the Administrator took the advice of the HR Director and implemented a lottery system to decrease the incidents of absenteeism. A weekly lottery is held every Friday at 3:00pm. Nurses with perfect attendance that week are allowed to place their time cards into a hat to be randomly drawn for $300 prize. Monthly drawings, nurses are eligible to receive $1,000 for perfect attendance. All-expense paid week vacation at a resort at sixth month. One full year of perfect attendance merits a grand prize of $2,000 for the lucky winner. The lottery system appears to be successful. Four months into the lottery system initiative the rate of absenteeism decreased by 20%; however, a new problem resulted. More nurses came to work sick with infectious diseases, which posed a bigger problem for patients and other health professionals. CPHC needs to improve the employee’s behavior.
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