Abstract: We Extensively Review The Literature On Mitm

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Abstract: We extensively review the literature on MITM to analyze and categories the scope of MITM attacks, considering both a reference model, such as the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, as well as two specific widely used network technologies, i.e., GSM and UMTS. In particular, we classify MITM attacks based on several parameters, like location of an attacker in the network, nature of a communication channel, and impersonation techniques. Based on an impersonation techniques classification, we then provide execution steps for each MITM class. We survey existing countermeasures and discuss the comparison among them. Finally, based on our analysis, we propose a categorization of MITM prevention mechanisms, and we identify some…show more content…
In traditional data centers, where system administrators have full control over the host machines, vulnerabilities can be detected and patched by the system administrator in a centralized manner. However, patching known security holes in cloud data centers, where cloud users usually have the privilege to control software installed on their managed VMs, may not work effectively and can violate the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Furthermore, cloud users can install vulnerable software on their VMs, which essentially contributes to loopholes in cloud security. The challenge is to establish an effective vulnerability/attack detection and response system for accurately identifying attacks and minimizing the impact of security breach to cloud users. In [2], M. Armbrust et al. addressed that protecting ”Business continuity and services availability” from service outages is one of the top concerns in cloud computing systems. In a cloud system where the infras- tructure is shared by potentially millions of users, abuse and nefarious use of the shared infrastructure benefits attackers to exploit vulnerabilities of the cloud and use its resource to deploy attacks in more efficient ways [3]. Such attacks are more effective in the cloud environment
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