Abusive Relationships In The Stranger

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In The Stranger, the author exposes the audience to many unhealthy relationships that may or may not be identified. In part one of The Stranger the novel introduces Salamano, Meursault’s neighbor, and his dog who is in an abusive relationship some may consider physical and verbal. This type of relationship is most remembered throughout the book because it is physical abuse but is it so different from the relationship Meursault had with his deceased mother? Some readers argue that no harm was inflicted onto the mother by Meursault, therefore, cannot be considered an abusive relationship but neglect is still on the table for a factor in their connection. The correlation between Salamano and his dog can be compared to Meursault and his mother in many ways but each link has different details. The relationship Salamano has with his dog is more loving than what Meursault had with his mother. The relationship Salamano had with his dog is very similar to the relationship Meursault had with his mother. They are similar in the sense that both are considered abusive relationships due to the treatment they gave to their loved ones. In the novel, it states “Then he beats the dog and swears at it. … Then they both stand there on the sidewalk and stare at each other, the dog in terror, the man in hatred.” (27). This shows how Salamano treated his dog every day for eight years which caused the dog to cower in fear whenever around him. Meursault also did not have the best relationship with

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