Abusive Relationships

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Abusive Relationships are created mentally and physically. In my opinion, the definition for abuse describes a person with harmful intents; lacking concern, compassion, or affection for another human being. The following annotated bibliographies will express different stages of abuse in set climates. The purpose is to evaluate opinions of the authors selected with the most relevant connections to the behavior patterns of abusive relationships. The Effects of Abusive Relationships
Rafenstein, M. (2001). Recognizing an abusive Relationship. Current Health, 2,(5): 27.
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Gender plays a vital role in personal control and abuse within relationships. According to this article, the person with the most influence usually has more personal control and often makes the other person feel inferior.

This article provides a clear understanding of the roles within an abusive relationship. It was very helpful with the research for abusive relationship. The article has calculated statistics gathered from selected sources that shows patterns and behavior trends of abuse. The authors explain the phase violence that promoted the unhealthy lifestyle that is usually hidden from others. The article reveals how gender is relevant to the process of violence.

Flynn, Clifton P. “Relationship Violence by Women: Issues and Implications”: National Council on Family Relations. Family Relations. Vol. 39, No. 2: Apr. 1990.194-198.
Clifton P. Flynn analyzes women who are abusive in relationships. Flynn focuses on violent and dysfunctional acts done by women, rather than men. Society presume women to be nurturing with maternal instincts, this article unmasks the evil inside of heartless, abusive women. The statistics from the empirical research shows wives, mothers, and female caretakers as batterers.

According to the article, abuse inflicted by women is not reported as much as abuse by men.
This article helps to define the fine lines between genders and abuse. It is relevant to research about abusive

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