Accept The Challenges: George Patton

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A great general from World War II named George Patton tells us to “Accept the challenge so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.” To me this means that you should step up your level of play, and the level of difficulty. You need to do this because otherwise your goal would be too easy and you would not feel accomplished. To feel the exhilaration of victory, you need to focus completely on achieving your goal, and put 100% effort into it. You would break that obstacle in your way from victory, and you would think, “Wow. I actually did it. I really did it.” Then you would feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, knowing you took the challenge, and succeeded. You won’t feel this feeling if you didn’t do it the right way. That feeling will motivate you later on to take on challenges, knowing the feeling of victory, leading to you being more successful. You have to accept the challenge, so you can feel that amazing feeling, knowing that you did it. If you step up the difficulty of a challenge, and actually accomplish your…show more content…
I was so excited, that right when we pulled into my driveway, I started building my invention: A piano page turner. My brother plays piano, and he always has trouble turning the page while playing. The best turner on the internet was over $300, and I knew there was a better solution. I started to make it out of legos, and put my heart and soul into making the page turner. After a week or two, I was done, but still made some changes to improve my invention afterwards. When it was the day of the presentation, I looked at my invention, and looked at others, and thought, “My invention is pretty good!” I got many investments from parents, and felt deep satisfaction. I felt this satisfaction because I had tried my hardest, and did it the right way, giving me a sense of
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