Access To Information And Services: A Case Study

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Some of the challenges faced were lack of access to information or services, financial barriers, school and community inclusion, and family support. These kinds of challenges can bring stress upon the parent or caregiver. According Resch et al; (2010), “parents expressed that learning where to search for information and services and then being able to access them was a process full of challenges and roadblocks” (pg. 143). Upon knowing your child has a disability, being able to obtain any services or resources from agencies can help relieve a lot of stress for the parent or caregiver. Some of the parents also noted that trying to access services cause a financial burden on them as well. “The lack of being able to overcome financial barriers may lead to family stress in families who have a child with a disability” (Resch et al; 2010, pg.…show more content…
Having multiply co-pays for doctor visits and traveling expenses to see a doctor was also a burden. Some parents that were a part of the study stated that they were turned down services for their child because they could not afford it and because of the inability to pay for services it resulted in their child being placed on a waiting list (Resch et al; 2010). One continual struggle that some parents reported was making sure their child were a part of the communities as well as the schools. The concerns from the parents was more about having their child apart of the social environment and being able to participant in programs at school or around the
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