According To A Violence Policy Center Analysis Of News

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According to a Violence Policy Center analysis of news reports, concealed carry permit holders have killed at least 11 law enforcement officers and 319 private citizens since May 2007, 19 of these were mass shootings, and 27 murder-suicides. I personally believe that individuals in America without a criminal record should not be able to carry a concealed weapon in public settings. Carrying a concealed weapon in public settings is automatically imposing a threat on those around you. It increases the chances of an altercation escalating and turning lethal and is portrayed as “self-defense”. Giving individuals the right to carry a concealed weapon in public settings makes the ones without a weapon feel less safe, or intimidated at all …show more content…

There are many rules and regulations that are made out to follow for those carrying these weapons. If a person were not emotionally or mentally stable, they would not be allowed to get a permit to carry the weapon with them. You cannot predict the future; an individual can be perfectly stable when purchasing a weapon, but further in time can possibly become unstable due to unforeseen circumstances. Due to these unforeseen circumstances it can make an individual do things that are out of character, which is keeping a gun in an concealed place while in public can be problematic. One person’s personal problem can lead to taking the life of another, as described in the media, during mass shootings, or “parking lot” confrontations. The public safety in general should never be compromised under any circumstances. Public safety is the main concern to everybody, I want to feel safe when I am gone out to the mall, not always have the fear of something tragic happening due to someone else’s silly mistake. According to an article on, they believe public safety should be left to professionally qualified police officers, not to private citizens, with less or no training. Not everybody is capable of handling a life or death situation while using firearms in a mature way, possibly allowing the situation to escalate more then what it was in the beginning. For example if I was to be at the mall, and a random individual is

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