According To An Article In Usa Today, “Illegal Immigration

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According to an article in USA today, “Illegal Immigration population declines” Thomas Frank writes, “The number of illegal immigrants in the USA fell for the first time in at least four years, as the nations tough economy discourages people from sneaking into the USA”. Illegal immigration has been on an all time rise for the last 4 to five years, as the nations economy struggles to stay out of a depression. I believe illegal immigration has a great effect on how the economy is doing. It cost the nation millions and billions of dollars to pay for the problems that also come with illegal immigration. One large problem is the smuggling of drugs and other illegal things that come over are borders, with an already rising problem with gangs and …show more content…

The final and one of the worst problems that comes with illegal immigration is the fact that many of these immigrants will work for less than minimum wage. The why this is a problem is because there is a reason for minimum wage in this country so that everyone gets somewhat of a honest pay for a days work but when an illegal immigrant will work for nothing then greedy employers will hire these immigrants so they can make more money off there business illegally. This also takes jobs away from U.S. citizens who want to work for an honest days pay. With the United States rising unemployment rates we can not afford to give jobs out to people that are here illegally. Illegal immigration devastates our economy in the United States in all of these ways and makes it harder for the honest citizens of the United States to live in there own country. Many people may argue that the United States was founded and built on immigration but the country was not built on illegal immigration. The united states already allow immigrants into our country legally. There is no good that comes out of illegal immigration because there is no moderation of it we are just having a free for all at the borders and there fore letting criminals and maybe even terrorist into the United States illegally and un-detected.

I think that one of the main

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