Acculturation of Immigrants Essay examples

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I. Introduction
A. More and more immigrants pour in for "American Dream," but fail
B. Main Points

American dream- hope, freedom, jobs and a better life for their children (Costa 1)
Need to acculturate
Child who learns to speak English has more control than parent (Costa 1)- Acculturated second generation generally more economically successful
To get good jobs, need English language and American education- need to be well-rounded to be "wanted" by top schools (Fuller 39)
Cultural identification- 4 different responses to being put in immigrant situation- can make immigrant reluctant to acculturate
C. In recent decades, the majority of immigrants have come to America seeking economic prosperity and more opportunities. However,
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acculturative- affiliated with both own ethnic minority and majority group iv. marginal- affiliated with neither group
People respond differently- parents respond differently than children 3. Without affiliating oneself with an ethnic group makes acquiring economic success difficult because that group's money is lost.
By becoming acculturated, all aspects can be handled appropriately. a. more educational opportunities
b. college grads make more money than non-college grads
C. Must learn the American language and economic strategies

Observations and examples education demographics- who is succeeding well-rounded person (language, sports, activities) is preferred by colleges- thus, most of the immigrants in college have some sort of integrative cultural identity. salary of college graduate is much higher than non-graduate. immigrants taken advantage of for lack of American familiarity- end up working in sweat shops for minimal money
Take advantage of what city/country has to offer business sectors, small stores; learned way of America- taking out loans, acquiring customer bases. knowing value of money and property- prevent getting ripped-off
IV. Conclusion
A. Immigrants have to realize the importance of acculturation for themselves and for the future.
B. Even though immigrants are often reluctant to do so, identifying oneself acculturated can make him or her more rounded and successful
C. Therefore, the immigrants who have moved to the
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