Acf Vision Statement

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The Administration for Children and Families mission is to “foster health and well-being by providing federal leadership, partnership and resources for the compassionate and effective delivery of human services” (ACF Vision). The Administration for Children and Families works on many levels to help build an overall good well-being for our youth, families, communities, and country that we can by educating and offering supportive services. “ACF administers more than 60 programs with a budget of more than $53 billion, making it the second largest agency in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services” (Budget). With it being such a large agency it should be utilized by all teachers no matter the grade because it has specific programs…show more content…
It had suggestions such as volunteering at a food bank and finding volunteer opportunities within your area(Find). Depending on the age of my students I could either ask them to bring in cans to donate to a local homeless shelter or find a volunteer opportunity that my class and I could participate in. I could also use resources from the agency if I found out that one of my students was not living a healthy well being lifestyle or educate the families of my students about the resources available to them depending on their situation. The Administration for Children and Families has a Data & Resource tab which I could use to be more informed on what my future class population could look like or be educated on what the current issues are for my students (Data). If my co-workers had discovered one of their students was struggling wether it be homelessness or neglect, I could inform them about this agency and help them find the resources necessary to improve their students life. The sharing of knowledge between educators, organizations, agencies, etc is necessary to keep us informed,
Overall the Administration for Children and Families is a resource that future teachers, parents, organizations, and many more can find helpful if they are trying to improve the well being of a youth and/or their
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