Acting Career Research Paper

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When I worked as a waitress at a diner I would get a lot of people that would ask what I was going to go to college for, what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. They saw I was working hard and figured I must be smart, that I must be "practical". Their faces would fall the minute I said I wanted to go into acting. A lot of times I would get laughter, other times I would get a lecture on how the real world works, in one instance when the man left his tip it was followed by "use that to pay for a real degree." It got to the point where I wouldn't tell people the truth anymore; they would ask what I wanted to go into and I would reluctantly say teaching, or nursing, just to keep them quiet. Because in their minds because I was working at this small little diner, no makeup on, hair a mess, covered in water and batter, living in the sticks of Ohio, it was impossible that I could be successful in an acting career. They had never seen me act, they didn't know what I'd been in, they didn't see my passion or my drive, they didn't know if I had a good voice or not. They just knew that I was a silly child who was making a poor decision because I wanted fame. "That is impractical" "No one does that" "That just doesn't …show more content…

There are people who have successfully become astronauts, actors, singers, neurosurgeons, scientists, football stars, culinary chefs, CEO's, so why not? Why not try, why not put everything you have into it, why not fill your life with your passions instead of working a job you loathe. Why is working a job you hate part of life? I want to continue to encourage children to follow their hearts and passions and I want to stand up and show them what hard work can do. I want them to believe in themselves, to look the people who doubt them in the eye and tell them they are

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