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Market Analysis
Carlos Agis

I. Company Summary
Leading market positions across all game categories, Activision Blizzard is the second largest entertainment and gaming software business in the world by revenue (Reuters Agency). Activision has published some of the best selling console, handheld, and mobile video games such as Call of Duty (Reuters Agency). The company’s second-half, Blizzard Entertainment, focuses on the firms’ pc gaming industry with best-selling games such as StarCraft, and the #1 global subscription-based online multiplayer World of Warcraft (Reuters Agency). Activision sells their products through retail stores such as GameStop and Best Buy, as well as digital download from Steam and Origin …show more content…

Durkin held a number of positions of increasing responsibility at Microsoft Corporation, most recently serving as the corporate vice president” (Activision). | Eric Hirshberg | Age:43 | 2010 | Chief Executive Officer of Activision Publishing Inc.“Before Activision, Mr. Hirshberg served in positions of increasing responsibility with Deutsch LA, a marketing and advertising agency, most recently serving as its co-chief executive officer and its chief creative officer” (Forbes). | Michael Morhaime | Age:44 | 2008 | President and Chief Executive Officer of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.“In February 1991, Mr. Morhaime co-founded Blizzard Entertainment, now a subsidiary and, along with Activision Publishing, one of our two principal operating units, and transitioned to the role of the company’s President in April 1998” (Forbes). |


Products: * Gaming software (all genres including warfare, sports, driving, art, role-play and more) * Console gaming peripherals ( plug-in guitar for Guitar Hero or driving joystick for Need 4 Speed) II. Competitive Summary
Point of Difference Chart for Activision Blizzard’s “warfare” gaming software | Price | Sales | Rating | Activision Blizzard(Call of Duty Black Ops 2) | 59.99 | - Black Ops 2 tops U.S. sales in January - Black Ops 2 also topped 11 million in sales its first week | - Received an overall rating of 9.3 by, the largest ratings and review

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