Acts of Fraud Essays

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In America, simply having a job is not enough. Nowadays, jobs are hard to find and most only offer part-time employment. It is near impossible to afford the cost of living while earning entry-level wages. The job market has become hostile, and it has gotten to the point that one must have formal training or a marketable education in order to obtain a stable position that offers decent wages. With this realization, many people have decided to go to college. Those that are in the market for a college education face many choices. The most common: community colleges, which do not make a profit, and technical schools or online schools, which are in the business to make a profit. These schools are called for-profit schools. Many people do not …show more content…
This was the overall feeling when meeting the staff at Everest. The classrooms were pristine. The hallway walls were littered with snap shots of successful students and lists of companies hungry for newly trained graduates. Yet, there were no students. The place was a ghost town. I could sense that something was not right. After the tour, Nancy invited me into her office to chat about my career choice, which she thought was wrong. She convinced me I would be better in the medical field by boasting about how intelligent I appeared, and she knew I was going to be exceptionally successful in the medical assistant program. She was sure to inform me that if I struggled, it would not be a problem because they had a very maternal staff whose main concern was—me. At this point, I was ready to sign on the dotted line and asked how much tuition would cost. It was almost as if the room dropped when Nancy placed the financial papers in front of me. Even with a five- thousand five-hundred dollar FAFSA grant, it would be impossible for me to afford to go to Everest. Nancy did not see my disappointment as a problem; she ushered me to the financial aide office and shut the door. I was trapped, and within a few minutes I was presented with a foolproof plan. Simply sign here and you can have a loan for over thirty thousand dollars, no problem. My saving grace, I did not pass the credit check.
Upon arriving home, I decided to investigate this for-profit college online and
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