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  • Federalism: For-Profit Schools

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    states as well. The possibility of the shutdown of ITT tech shows the central government somewhat in charge. The school is currently under investigation, to prove if they school has been using the financial aid money given to them from the government for the right reasons. ITT tech is a for-profit school which means they make a profit out of any money that comes to the school. For-profit colleges are usually governed by private organizations and corporations. Which is why it has been going on for several

  • Personal Narrative: Not-Profit School

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    Reggie is a not-for-profit school located in a suburb just outside Chicago called Evanston. Evanston is the home community for Northwestern University. So much of the town is considered college town however the remainder of the town is diverse in cultures and socio-economics. As you walked down the streets of Evanston many different colors of people walk along with you. Evanston shares a strong interest in the Arts. You may find small art galleries with local artist’s work being displayed for

  • For-Profit Schools Should Be Banned Essay

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    For-profit schools should they be banned around the world? In "U. S Halts New Rules Aimed at abuses For-Profit colleges'‘ by Stacey Cowley and Patricia Cohen, This article is talking about how students, all around the worlds and getting financially put in dept. by for-profit schools and how they going back and forth trying to shut down the schools. Reading up on social media, they call for-profit predators for feeding them with promises that are never kept screwing them in the long run. hearing

  • Proposal: Non-Profit In A Public School

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    Our program is a non-profit situated in a public school in New York City’s Lower East Side. We are located within a title-one school, with a vast majority of our students receiving free lunch. Our summer goals include the student’s transition to the next grade seamlessly, the ability for students to explore their own passions and have a collaborative talent show at the end of the summer. Our goals also include introducing our students to the wide range of cultural institutions which New York City

  • Excluding For-Profit Proprietary Colleges from Receiving Federal Student Financial Aid

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    Excluding For-Profit Proprietary Colleges from Receiving Federal Student Financial Aid Introduction Every year, higher education institutions (HEI’s) receive billions of dollars from the Department of Education in the form of loans, grants and subsidies. These funds are authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act, and are the primary source of Federal student aid for all HEI’s in the United States. The main Title IV programs include Loans, Grants and Federal Work Study (U.S. Government

  • Should Traditional Education Be At Fault Politically?

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    relationship that we have had with for-profit schools. It has been very easy for us to place the blame on the for-profit sector as causing the student debt crisis, but in this concept paper I wanted to discuss where traditional education might be at fault politically. In other words, how were we responsible for helping to create the debt monster through behavior and policy? Students enroll in college to learn. This acquiring of knowledge is so important that most schools like Marshall University have instituted

  • Pros And Cons Of For-Profit Universities

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    believe, that for profit universities and colleges pose a significant threat to American higher education, and that they should be banned, I also agree with this outlook on for-profit universities. According to Sheffield’s article, “For-profit schools enable low-income and racial minority students, including many who are non-traditional, to gain practical, skills-based training that better equips them for the marketplace relative to many traditional academic paths.” For-profit colleges and universities

  • How Student Loans Can Be Confusing

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    Student loans can be confusing. Being a senior just getting out of high school and listening to terms such as, “loan consolidation,” “subsidized loans,” etc. can be a little intimidating at first; it could also be intimidating for people that is returning to school after a long period of time. Either if it’s to take classes online or attending to the nearest college, asking for a huge amount of money to be lend to you to further your education is not something that is done in an everyday basis,

  • The For-Profit Education Industry

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    For-profit education As with any business industry, the education industry is one big and diversified with multiple options ranging from publicly own Universities, private nonprofit colleges to for-profit schools. But today I am going to talk about specifically about for-profit educations. What is for-profit education? What type of product and service do they serve and served? Who are the biggest players and how do they affect the industry and control over price? What are the methods used? What

  • The United States Education System

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    educate themselves and prepare themselves for the job market. The U.S. has an outstanding reputation of educating students as well as making education available to everyone in the country. Whether it be a public university, private university or a for-profit institution, people can easily find a way to pursue their academic goals. However, many students graduate college with the inability to find a job because they weren 't properly trained and with massive debt due to the extremely high price of tuition