Adam Lanz Personal Narrative

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Aside from becoming desensitized, video games cause players to step over from fantasy into real-ity. Video games allow for the player to participate actively. They have the option to create char-acters with different physical attributes within the game. “For example, the Nintendo Wii console enables its users to design their own “Mii”; a customizable game character whose physical attrib-utes (e.g., haircut, hair color, nose, mouth, physical stature, etc.) can be modified to match the player’s own” (Fischer). The player gets to create this fictional character that they may have al-ways wanted to be to excel in an imaginary world. Without a personalized character, the player is not emotionally attached as he/she would be if it was a personalized character. Adam Lanza, the shooter at Sandy Hook, was described to be skinny, socially awkward and was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. It was observed that “in the game, onscreen, he was able to create a differ-ent version of himself: a muscle-bound soldier wearing fatigues, goggles, and a black beret and carrying a military assault rifle” (McGrath). Lanza was able to become someone he was not in real life. By playing and being an active member, Lanza was able to control his life in the fantasy world. He completed …show more content…

Games themselves are not the product of violence, but rather, the people influenced by the games and the interaction of the game. Just as guns do not kill, but the people and their cruel intentions, violent video games are a source that lead to effective mur-der homicides, suicides and tragedies. This is an evident problem. Yet, the problem lies in the heart of man. Until this is solved, every seemingly positive aspect in the world is merely the de-velopment of entropy awaiting

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