Address The Chosen Target For The Focus Learner

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a. Why was it necessary to address the chosen target for the focus learner? Cite evidence and specifically reference your IEP-at-a-Glance and your RIOT/ICEL Assessment to support your decision. [As Mentioned in the RIOT ICEL, MB struggles to turn in homework, and often turns in incomplete assignments or assignments without a name; because of this, MB’s learning target is to turn in homework, complete and on time. In order to help her do this, she will be filling out a daily checklist reminding her to check for assignments before leaving school, put her name on assignments, get her assignments signed and finish her assignments on time and turn them in. This learning target is important for MB to focus on because it will prepare her for public school, help her improve her grades; help her learn self monitoring, and self regulation skills. As mentioned in the RIOT ICEL, MB is in the TOPS program students are preparing for the transition back into public school. In public school, students have to be able to monitor themselves and know how to manage their time effectively so that they keep track of their homework, complete it, and turn it in on time. This is a vital organizational skill MB needs to know in order to succeed in Public school, which will help develop good grades and independence. ] b. Explain how the focus learner’s IEP Goals and Objectives/Benchmarks align with your learning target. If you selected a learning target that addresses a skill not reflected in the
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