Adhd Assignment.

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Is ADHD a real disorder?

Present under the case under these headings.
1. Symptoms – what are they?
2. Diagnosis – How is it diagnosed?
3. Treatment · How best to treat it? · What role the family might play?
4. ADHD in adults – Is it any different?
1. Evidence that most children diagnosed with ADHD are not suffering a neurological disorder.
2. What other types of neurological disorders/issues might explain hyperactivity and distractibility?
3. What other factors about American society does the writer say increases the like hood of an ADHD diagnosis?

· Hyperactivity only
· Mainly impulsive/ diminished hyperactivity
· Predominantly inattentive ADHD
· Masking of core symptoms
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A specialist will also check school and medical records for clues, to see if the child 's home or school settings appear unusually stressful or disrupted, and gather information from the child 's parents and teachers. Coaches, babysitters, and other adults who know the child well also may be consulted.

The specialist also will ask:
· Are the behaviors excessive and long-term, and do they affect all aspects of the child 's life?
· Do they happen more often in this child compared with the child 's peers?
· Are the behaviors a continuous problem or a response to a temporary situation?
· Do the behaviors occur in several settings or only in one place, such as the playground, classroom, or home?
The specialist pays close attention to the child 's behavior during different situations. Some situations are highly structured, some have less structure. Others would require the child to keep paying attention. Most children with ADHD
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