Adolescent Substance Abuse: Case Study

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I choose to create an adolescent outpatient treatment program. The following are the 3 empirical researches articles.

Liddle, Howard A; Rowe, Cynthia L; Dakof, Gayle A; Ungaro, Rocio A; Henderson, Craig E.
(Mar 2004) Early Intervention for Adolescent Substance Abuse: Pretreatment to Posttreatment Outcomes of a Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Multidimensional Family Therapy and Peer Group Treatment [dagger], Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. Retrieved from: ` This study is a study that compared the effectiveness of Multidimensional Family Therapy PDFT, and a peer group therapy, on the development of adolescent antisocial
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Two produced a significant reduction in past 30 day smoking and current smoking. Three and four both resulted in lower binge drinking. While each of the interventions produced an improvement on some area only the adult supervised after school activities produced lower results across the board.

Peters, Ronald J, Jr; Kelder, Steven H; Prokhorov, Alexander V; Meshack, Angela; et al. (Dec
2005): Beliefs and social norms about smoking onset and addictions among urban adolescent cigarette smokers. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, Retrieved from:

This is a study that researched the association of smoking onset and nicotine addiction.
The researchers used qualitative research to understand the beliefs and norms associated with cigarette smoking. They interviewed 52 high schoolers who self-identified as current smokers. They attempted to understand the student’s belief system about the initiation of smoking and when they believed they became addicted to nicotine. The researchers wished to understand the beliefs the multicultural teens had in order to help better inform the intervention in the parent study.

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