Adolf Hitler 's Influence On His Deeds During World War Two Essay

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Adolf Hitler has the image of having a ruthless evil character from his deeds during world war two. However evidences show that he was not a terribly evil person, but a normal person with large ambitions. Canadian prime minister Mackenzie King wrote in his journal after meeting with Adolf Hitler that, "he is really one who truly loves his fellow-men, and his country, and would make any sacrifice for their good…a man of deep sincerity and a genuine patriot," which all shows he was naturally a good person with a genuine ambition of wanting to create a better environment for himself and the country. In January 1933, Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany and immediately began to challenge the Treaty of Versailles and adapt an aggressive foreign policy, which led to war. It is not hard to blame Adolf Hitler for starting the war, however looking at evidences show that he was naturally a good person that was not taught or at the very least did not bother to realize the importance of learning to control his ambitions to not reach the level of selfish greediness. Hence ambition is needed to proceed forward but the control of it must be taught to refrain from these event occurring.
Napoleon was very ambitious to the point where it was greedy as shown in history books of his many battles. The historians hold divergent views regarding the motives behind these battles. According to them his chief motives for his wars are dynastic advancement, high ambition, influence of

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