Adult Educational Professional Development and Educational Marketing

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Article Review Adult Educational Professional Development and Educational Marketing Dooley, KE et al (1999) Food Safety Instructor Training Using Distance Education, Journal of Extension, 37, 3, 3FEA5 The article of Dooley et al (1999) "Food Safety Instructor Training Using Distance Education" is important to adult education in that it indicates that distance classroom learning may be just as effective, if not more so, than the traditional approach of face-to-face instruction. Other benefits of distance learning, as contrasted to traditional instruction, includes the fact that it may be also cheaper and less time-consuming to conduct. A thorough review of the article shows that nearly three-fourths (71.9%) of the participants rated the videoconferencing, that was used as medium of the distance learning classroom, to be as effective as face-to-face training. They rated the benefits that they received from the program to include saving money and time as well as greater interactivity and ability to ask questions. The 28% of participants who were dissatisfied were so mainly because of unfamiliarity in technology and the impersonal situation. 96.6% of the participants also felt that they had greater knowledge of the subject matter following the program, and most of the participants preferred the long-distance format to the conventional classroom setting. Problems with the study, however, necessitate that more extensive and intensive cross-sectional and longitudinal
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