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Many diverse experiences have helped to shape my professional marketing career. These positions range from promoting Broadway shows, to marketing at the global children's entertainment brand Pokémon, and managing a girl’s brand called My Princess Academy. While my professional experiences have provided me with a strong real world foundation, I feel that in order to pursue my goal of managing a major entertainment brand, I require the knowledge and training afforded by an MBA program. I am confident that my professional experiences coupled with an MBA will help me achieve a vibrant career in marketing management.

After receiving my undergraduate degrees in theater and business, I began my career with a firm that promoted Broadway shows.
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I seized this opportunity to learn everything I could about pitching, securing, and managing promotions from the head of the promotions agency. I worked with the consultants to pitch new promotions and helped secure a global promotion with Burger King for a Kids Meal program. Burger King was resistant at first but our determination to build a relationship and show our brands strength helped secure the promotion. I supervised the development of all the marketing collateral, point of sale displays, toys and trading cards that lead up to the promotion. Working with Burger King and their agencies was a great opportunity that expanded my perspective on the quick serve restaurant industry. The promotion generated 25 million toys in kid’s meals around the world and was so successful it was renewed for a second year. Working on this promotion was not only a great opportunity to learn about a new industry, but also helped me become a better leader with more confidence and a new ability to secure cross promotions.
Another significant project I worked on at Pokémon involved helping to lead a task force to execute Pokémon's Worldwide 10th Anniversary plan. This project included coordinating the efforts of our regional offices in London, Seattle, and Tokyo to produce consistent consumer experiences throughout the year. The toughest part of this taskforce was getting people in so many
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