Adult Students Learn Differently Than Children

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Adult students learn differently than children. While children have to ability to absorb information, adults have so many responsibilities going on that may distract and slow down the learning process. Children are open-minded and less encumbered by life’s daily activities such as; family, friends, social obligations, and past experiences. Past experiences may impact the way an adult thinks, acts, and processes information. As adults grow older the aging process may slow down learning ( The positive thing with the adult learner is their maturity, desire and commitment to learn something new. Many people may not have had the opportunity for technology advancement as today’s children have. The adult learner may be reliant on pencil and paper while today’s society uses electronic technology. They also may be more practical, motivated, and able to prioritize the needs in their lives. We (me included) have to determine where we are, where we want to be, and how to get there. Unfortunately, we may have become creatures of habit, so learning something new may take a little longer for us to grasp. Traditional methods may not work for us so we have to find other means of comprehension. Several notable people have studied human behavior and developed several theories about the adult learner that may help instructors as well as the adult learner. An American educator, Michael Knowles, developed the Andragogy and Adult Learning Theory. Andragogy is
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